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Through various programs PSC is working to raise the overall play in our recreational players and then provide those interested the chance to compete against other regional clubs.  Some of the opportunities we have and will continue to provide are listed below:

  • Inter-League play with Whitehouse Youth Soccer Club
  • Recreational Tournaments (Kohl's Cup)
  • Girls Footskills Academy
  • Boys Footskills Academy
  • Participation in 3v3 Live Tournaments
  • Formation of PSC SELECT Teams

Wanna be a Select Coach ???
PSC Select is volunteer coach led.  Our teams and tryouts will be organized through individual team coaches.

You must have your Tennessee Soccer E-License, if you would like to know how to get your Tennessee Soccer E-License, please contact
 Nick Tuttle at natuttle18@gmail.com or
(615) 670-0792.

PSC Select 2016-2017 Tryouts

Portland Soccer Club is pleased to announce tryouts for two potential teams for the 2016 fall / 2017 spring year.  A U12/U11 Boys team and a U10/U9 Girls team.

Boys born in 2005 and 2006 are the target ages for the boys team.

Girls born in 2007 and 2008 are the target ages for the girls team.

*** You must pre-register online - CLICK HERE to do so ***

June 7th, 9th at 6:00,
Rain Out Makeup - June 10th at 6:00

Tryouts will be held at Richland Park Soccer Fields in Portland.  Plan to arrive at least 15 minutes ahead of the tryout time to check-in!

For questions please see the PSC Select Program FAQs, or contact Nick Tuttle at natuttle18@gmail.com or (615) 670-0792.

Our 2015-2016 Select Teams:

2007 Girls (Team page at Soccer in College)

2006 Boys (Team page at Soccer in College and GotSoccer)

Past Teams:

2005 Boys (Team page at Soccer in College and GotSoccer)

2003/04 Girls (Team pages at Soccer in College and GotSoccer)

If you are interested in scheduling matches with PSC Select's Pride, please, contact Nick Tuttle at natuttle18@gmail.com or (615) 670-0792.

Frequently Asked Questions about the PSC SELECT Program

What is PSC Select?                    

A select soccer program for youth between the ages of U9 and U12, broadened to include boys and girls comprehensively in 2013.  The program utilizes Richland Park in Portland, Tennessee as its primary facility.  The program will focus on the complete development of its players and coaches while facilitating a competitive soccer environment.  We hope to provide opportunities for youth to play at a higher level than what the recreational soccer program can offer.  The program falls under the umbrella of the Portland Soccer Club.

Why was the program created?

Programs like TUSC and SKY are outstanding soccer programs, but we realize that some families cannot make the time and monetary commitments that these programs require.  In order to create opportunities for more children to play at a higher level at which they are capable of playing the PSC Select program was created as another option.  We believe that this will lead to the creation of teams in many age groups at various levels of capability and commitment.  The program is an affordable, local option to get a quality, competitive experience.

Where will games be played and practices be held?

Games/Friendlies will be scheduled each season with proximity in mind.  Northern-middle Tennessee and Southern Kentucky will be the priority for the scheduler.  Some games/friendlies will be held at Richland Park.  All practices will be held at Richland Park.

Will we play in tournaments?

Yes, the goal for the number of tournaments will be one or two for the U9 and U10 age group and two to four for the U11 and U12 age group.  The scheduler will primarily consider tournaments in the Northern-middle Tennessee and Southern Kentucky area.

When will games be played?

Games/friendlies outside of a tournament are usually scheduled on Saturday’s or Sunday’s with start times ranging from 1:00 to 6:00 PM.  Most tournaments require most of the day on Saturday and Sunday from morning until evening.

Can I play for a recreational team, too?

Depending upon the age group, the scheduler will strive to set around five to eight friendlies per season.  Typically, two full games are played for each date.  In addition to the friendlies, tournaments are part of the schedule.  Therefore, it really isn’t possible to play for multiple teams.  Our Select teams would play approximately 18-20 games in a season.

What are the expected costs?

Each player will pay the club a fee that covers amongst other things, registration and city fees.  The player will also pay a fee to the team that will be used to pay for referees, uniforms, and tournament registration.  The cost to play will vary from season to season but will range between $100-$200 for our U9 and U10 teams, and between $150-$250 for our U11 and U12 teams.

How long is the soccer season?

Currently our players play two seasons per year with the club (fall and spring).  We begin annually at the end of July/beginning of August.  Fall season typically lasts until the beginning of November depending on which division our individual teams are competing in.   Our Spring season begins in February and runs through mid May.

What group does my child play in?

Find your player's birth year on grid -- appropriate tryout division is at the top of the column.




Year Born











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