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Portland Panther Middle School Soccer Program


Middle School soccer is a great environment for competitiveness and high-level skills training. Any players considering making the jump to the Middle School teams should be made aware of the following:

  • Can be more expensive than recreational soccer.  Increased practice time and travel expenses.
  • There is no guarantee of playing time. The best players play.
  • There is an increased chance for high-level development. Players looking to play in High School and beyond should seriously consider joining the Middle School team.
  • You will be required to try out and will be placed on the team according to ability.
  • Boys or Girls that reside in the Portland High School districts are eligible for play (this includes Westmoreland area for girls).
  • Rules are generally more closely related to high school and college soccer.

PMS Coaches?

Portland Middle School teams is volunteer coach led.  Our teams and tryouts will be organized through individual team coaches.  You must have your Tennessee Soccer E-License, and we will help you make that happen!  Contact our Director.

Tanner Nelson

Director of Coaching

Phone: 615-218-8455

Portland Middle School Teams